While I enjoyed this book, I felt like there was something off about it. I felt like it had a religious undertone about it, which annoyed the hell out of me. It was about two couples who go on an adventure in the Australia Outback. Each of the dudes want to propose to their girls and I have never read about dudes making such a big deal about this, after a while, it was like, who cares. They each get a rental car and one couple gets majorly lost and the majority of this book is about their attempt to get rescued. Eventually, the dude has to blow up the car to get the attention of a plane flying far away. Because they have destroyed the car, for some reason, they owe the place were they rented it a huge amount of money. But for some reason, they didn’t have to put down a deposit or credit card when they originally rented it and the rental company lets them leave the country, with only a promise that they will pay them back. I mean, what the hell kind of business practice is that? It’s crazy talk if you ask me. Also, it seems like the main couple had never been together, *in that way*, before they got married. And the guy seemed like obsessed with getting married and not being away from his women. It was a bit weird. I liked the Australian aspect of it all and that story, but the characters seemed a bit off.