I am loving my inter-splicing of non-fic books lately, but this book really pissed me off. Generally, it was about a Dude in Italy that takes people on tours around the Chianti region. It was interluded with chapters about the Dudes up bringing and how he came to love the region, which I actually liked a lot. The chapters about the people he took on tours, while kind of entertaining, got really really annoying after a while! Yes, I know Americans are idiots, but the kind of tours this guy caters too, there is no way around it! He offers personalized tours of the region, which of course cost a pretty penny. Think about the people that can afford these types of tours! Of course most of them are going to be morons! When you have to fend for yourself in a foreign country, you are more adapt to blend in and accept whatever comes your way. But if you have the money, of course you want it to be like what you are used too. I liked the chapters more about the people that would just accept the culture and became friends with the guide. Reading about idiot Americans gets both annoying and boring after a while. A quick, easy read, esp. since I have once again been to the region and can somewhat picture it. But annoying to some degree, seeing to just want to cash in on America’s recent interest in the region. Lame.