Used: 2011

I love tiny airports! They are easy to navigate and you rarely have to worry about missing your flight. Puno was a perfect example of it. Trusting the collective to get me to the airport on time was a fine decision. Since I knew the airport was tiny, pretty much everyone in my collective was going to be on my flight. I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Check in was a breeze and even though I flew on Star Peru, a local internal airline, the agent spoke English. Not that there was much to say. I checked my bag and then was pointed to the next window to pay my s/9.50 exit fee. No communication was even needed there.

Outside the Puno/Juliaca airport

Security was easy and hey, if you wanted to enter and exit, you could do it as much as you wanted, just had to pass security every time. I was a bit nervous going through security, mainly because I didn’t know what was past it, anywhere to eat or buy stuff, just in case, so I waited until my plane was scheduled to about to leave to go through. Turns out, that wasn’t even an issue because we were delayed for about an hour. Ah, the Peruvian way! Thankfully, we got to wait in the terminal instead of on the plane, so that was nice. Another favorite thing about small airports (or airlines) are the jetways! There are none and you have to enter and exit the planes right on the runway. I totally love that. All the flights in Puno, even LAN, have entrances and exits on the runway.

Don’t you wish all airports could be this empty?

Moral: Small airports are great when traveling in a new place. The lack of flights means you’ll never miss yours and they might board in a different way, which is always fun. Thankfully, since most airports in less developed nations cater mainly to tourists, you can be guaranteed that someone will speak English and have good clean (English!) signage as well. And the bathrooms will be clean and stocked with toilet paper. What is your favorite small airport?