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I love a good window seat. Really, who doesn’t? Slightly more space under your seat, enough to jam everything up against “the wall”, a plastic hole to check out the ground below and a very hard up-right bed to sleep on. What could be better? Thought I have written about my recently acquired loved for Group C (aka the middle seat) on Southwest I really don’t mind the middle seat when flights are around an hour long, give or take On my flight home from Peru last year, I was given an aisle seat on 2 out of 3 legs which the check-in counter couldn’t change. Oh well, it wasn’t a red-eye and hell, it wasn’t a middle (especially for that 5+ hours flight from SAL to LAX), I’ll see what this fuss is about.

I kind of get why the aisle is awesome. As someone who has minor issues with their knees, I love the aisle for the space is offers. If no one is coming, I can stretch out as much as I want. And for the snoop in me, I love spying on what people are reading, listening or talking about.

But the biggest downside to sitting in an aisle seat (and even middle perhaps) and why I make an awesome window seat companion is my ability to “hold it”. I have the art of using the loo down to a science, especially when I fly. And on flights less than 10 hours, I usually just hold it the whole time. The moment they start to board the plane, I use the restroom and the first thing I do when I get off is find a loo. On long flights, I like to think I am considerate and I can’t remember the last time I had to ask anyone to get up, I just use the loo when the others in my row get up, to ease the process. Heck, I’ll even get up and go when the others do, even if I don’t really have to go, just in case!

My chart for what should be legal uses of using the toilet whilest sitting on any of the internal seats.

Flight time 0-4 hours – ZERO times, just fucking hold it.
Flight time 4-7 hours – 1x
Flight time 7-14 hours – 2x
Flight time 15+ – 3x (no more)

Anymore then the above and you should be required to sit on the aisle.

On my 5+ hour flight from SAL to LAX the person at the window got up TWICE. The first time, I just rolled my eyes, but went with it. But less then two hours later, they got up again and I nearly lost it. I hate sitting and standing and worse, settling back into a warm seat (ewww), I wanted to punch them. Are you fucking kidding me? If you have to pee this much, sit on the fucking aisle. Note: I never pee’d once during the whole flight.

Moral: Is this rant too petty? Guess what, I don’t care. We all have our weird pet-peeves when we fly (don’t really care about paying for ticket changes or paying for checked bags, I could write two posts ranting on those complaints! Hey, watch for those posts coming eventually!) and this just happens to be mine. And fun family side-note: My dad, who LOVES the window (he and my mom got into such a fight over the window when leaving New Zealand, that my sister and I just left the airport, not knowing when I was going to see them again and they barely noticed) has had to give it up recently on long flights because he needs to stretch every hour and use the loo more. He is aware of his needs and changed his wants for your comfort. Too bad more people couldn’t be like that.