Another day in the van. After a quick stop in Homer proper for bank and supermarket, we were on the road, backtracking most of our route from the other day, back to Anchorage, but turned off at the Seward Highway. Not sure on the stops we made that day, but I am sure there was plenty, as it was a beautiful, clear, sunny and WARM day. Because it was on the warmer side, this is when the fights for having the window open vs. closed started. I was in the back, where it was boiling hot and I sat most of the day in just jeans and a t-shirt, throwing on my sweatshirt for various picture stops.

One of the millions (?) of really tall, ice covered mountains.

Free lifejacket! There were piles of them at the info board at every lake we went to.

The big stop of the day was at the Exit glacier, near Seward. It was pretty impressive and I always love the signs along the way that tell you how far the glacier was back in the day. How fast it’s receding is insane! We dropped some people off at the glacier to do a short hike, while the rest of us continued on to camp at Millers Landing , so we could arrive in time to join a kayak tour out on Resurrection Bay.

Me and Exit Glacier, Seward, Alaska

We threw up our tents and then went to the office to pay and start the kayak tour. There were good and bad things about this tour.


-The place seemed a little disorganized. People kept getting added to the tour and therefore instruction was very basic.
-They gave us no instruction on “driving” the kayaks. They told us about the foot pedals and in talking with some of my tour mates later, they thought both of them were driving the kayak. Thankfully I had used these kayaks before and claimed the back so I could drive and when I told my mates that, they looked at each other, thought about it and then realized I was right. The guides never told us that only the back drives the boat.
-I shared a kayak with the Russian in our group who spoke little English. When we were out on the water, the guide asked her some questions, but when he realized that her English was minimal, neither guide spoke a word to either of us for the rest of the tour. I think they thought I was Russian also.
-Once we were out on the water, one of the guides lit up a cigarette. Talk about unprofessional!


-Ohmigod, some of the smoothest water I have ever kayaked on in my life! I know this was an extremely rare day, but it was amazing and totally worth it. I would drive the boat one direction and within two strokes, we were headed that way. Usually it takes 5-10 strokes to change direction. I can’t get over how amazing that was!
-Scenery, amazing.
-Guide explanations were okay. We paddled about an hour and then stopped and hiked to Bridal Falls in the rainforest and it was a really nice break! And then we pedaled back.
-I just can’t get over how smooth the water was.

First look over Seward, Alaska

A short hike into the rainforest after kayaking. Seward, Alaska

Waterfall at the end of the short trail while kayaking. Seward, Alaska

Got back to camp and dinner was being made, though I can’t remember what it was. We just hung around the campfire and chatted about activities for the following day.

View from our campsite in Seward, Alaska.