I guess you could say I kick it old school when I travel. Besides the basic necessities (clothes and few toiletries) the most high tech thing I carry with me is my digital camera (a recent convert at that, I didn’t get my first one until December 2006), small and old iPod and depending how long I am in country, cheapest, crappiest cell phone I can buy. I still use my old old old USB drive to store documents and small files that I think only has 128KB on it that I have has since I graduated college in 2004. It hasn’t failed me yet (and cost me like $20 back in the day!). I write and read books on paper. To me, the internet is a privilege, not a right. In today’s need it now! culture, this blog will have a lot of old stuff on it and facts maybe out of date, but the lessons learned will never be out of style.

I read a lot of blogs about people who are gearing up for long term travel or are in the middle of it. I have already done it. I did 2 years in New Zealand and Australia as well as various trips to Europe and around the US before. When I left for NZ in February 2007, blogs were still mainly written by “professionals” and Twitter just a dot on the radar. Internet cafes were full and people lugging around their own computers was looked down upon (“you traveled all this way, and you can’t even look up from the screen to enjoy it?”). By the time I arrived back in Los Angeles (hometown and where I currently live) in March 2009, Twitter was in full force (I actually joined a week before my return, in anticipation of more free internet time) and when I was unemployed and living back with my parents (yay “free” internet!) I found a whole world out there of people with new and interesting blogs, gearing up for the kind of travel I had just returned from. Would I have done anything different if I was leaving today? Probably not. I like enjoying the places I visit rather then always worrying about where I am going to get my next internet fix from.

The name of this blog is taken from my favorite trilogy, BACK TO THE FUTURE. I’ll be writing about stuff about my travels in the past as well as today and where I plan to go tomorrow.

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Real books and check out my awesome phone!

Just some of my travel tools

All pictures (unless otherwise noted) are mine and mine alone. Please let me know before you take any. Cheers!