1) Visit South Africa by 40th Birthday (Would love to get married here or celebrate my 40th Birthday, which ever happens first)
2) Visit China
2.a) Hug a panda in China
2.b) Walk on the Great Wall of China
3) Raft down Colorado River in Grand Canyon
4) Visit Rock of Gibraltar
5) Hike Inca Trail/Macchu Picchu August, 2011!
6) Hug a tiger in Thailand
7) Cruise from Washington to AlaskaSort of, getting to Alaska but doing it the old fashion way – flying! 2012!
8 ) Take a class in Mosaics 2011!
9) Get PADI Certified 2012!
9.a) Dive Silfra in Iceland
9.b) Dive with the Manta Rays in Hawaii
10) Take a pottery class 2013!
11) Hong Kong
12) Trans-Siberian Railroad
13) UK Channel Islands
14) Chile/Argentina (Mendoza region!) and Antarctica
15) Portugal
16) Galapagos Islands